collecsch x _ronitapes x vinyl fetish

i fiend the vinyl. i fox with dem tapes

they say that you should never trust a skinny chef. with that in mind, here are a few pix of my room showcasing parts of my massive vinyl collection aka the Collecsch. i'll be repping a whole lot of music on here for you all & i want you to know i put my money where my mouth is - if i'm blasting it out it's because i bought it myself and believe in it! there's a lot of people blogging about music who are just paying lip service & aren't truly invested in it, but i am not one of them. i've missed plenty of meals for records over the years and i ain't mad at that!

in this post you see one of many stacks of _ronitapes i made with all that vinyl. one of my favorite things to do, i'm constantly adding on tracks to my next cassette which then gets promptly digitized and then uploaded to my SoundCloud. I'm ripping one right now as we speak! the page is linked all over here, click the set list & you'll have access to over 50 90-minute mixes of all genres mixed together cuz that's how i do. always making more, always trying to improve the process.

anyway you'll be seeing a lot of these records i hold sacred, here's the bigger picture before we get into specifics! support your local artists & musicians always. buy a record it's way cooler than an mp3 or a streaming service, but that's just how i feel about it. do you & support how you see fit. check out the hashtag #collecsch on my Instagram for hundreds of vinyl & cassette recommendations i've already made for now, but i'm super excited to get to work on those with this new platform as soon as time permits!

here's side a of one of my recent mixes aka _ronitapes. best roct front-to-back a-to-b-side, rock it right! new one going live hopefully today!