the MARCHES series: ink on paper

a new variation in my expressive ink experimentations

i've been doing a lot of experimentation in the black & white realm for the past 5+ years after specializing in a vibrant multi-colored spectrum for much longer. though i'll always continue the colorful work, i've been pretty fixated on the B&W's lately. stylistic variation and balance is key to me, so this black ink-based style i've been exploring has been mutually beneficial in that it brings me back to my color work refreshed with a different outlook, while also charting different territory with the newer style. the bulk of this B&W art was made with Witches Brew black ink; you can reference the previous post on some of that work here plus there's a bunch on boards in the gallery section. that ink is typically applied with a dauber (pictured below) which makes possible a wide range of interesting stroke/line capabilities in an abstract realm, definitely not for precision work (so perfect for me!). when i first got into making art for real, around 2002, i was more wild & expressive stylistically, which evolved over time as i learned what i was doing to a certain extent, developing and refining my style, seeing what worked and going in those directions. while i think i became a much better artist with time, at some point i did notice my work was lacking that initial type of raw unfiltered energy; i was able to get back to it in a new way with the Witches Brew dauber ink work. all of the early pieces were thus very fast-paced, gestural & unpredictable in process. as i progressed on, i desired to draw out the process and have slowed down the technique a bit, though i'd put it all in some kind of expressive arts/ gestural/ abstract expressionist type realm. i've used the Witches Brew dauber style on a wide variety of surfaces - clayboards, gessoboards, artist boards, no-bleed paper, canvas paper - but recently have been doing it on high quality Arches brand Huile (Oil) cold pressed textured cotton paper which i absolutely love. however my friend gave me a tub of Marsh T-Grade black ink which i filled into an empty Witches Brew bottle which has the dauber attached to the top, so eventually got into experimenting with the gestural style using the Marsh ink as an alternative. while it looked good enough on boards & canvas paper, it couldn't compete to the intricacies and character of the Witches Brew ink. however, the Marsh ink works excellently on the Arches Huile, its more matte-y composition melds perfectly with the paper's texture.

without further ado, here are the first 20 in the MARCHES series:

you can also view all of these images in more detail with the expandable view on your desktop in the ink on paper sub-gallery here. the images are in chronological order; you can see the series' progression of the initial excitement of the new paper/ink pairing with me going all-in frenetically covering the entire pages, to eventually getting more comfortable and thus messing around with varying levels of negative space allowed. i hope to get a scanner one day so i can get perfect images of stuff like this but the pictures came out pretty good. i've got a bunch of stronger new work on boards i've been adding to the gallery and my instagram but they deserve a post too, so expect that soon. always looking for opportunities to display my work in Boston, let me know if you're aware of any galleries that might like my work, it would be much appreciated! peace & love.