...wasting borrowed time... the _ronitape

new 90-min mixtape: the politics of time is an illusion is my funeral

"and that one time at that one place, that was also great" - billy woods

oh haay, innernets... it's been a minute since i've done a proper blog post... but i haven't had TIME... or i have, but i wasted it... which is an underlying theme of my newest _ronitape mixtape, ...WASTING BORROWED TIME... stream or download the mix below & i'll elucidate on it some...

time is slipping, time is wasted... time is an illusion, time is my funeral, there's never enough time, time is running out, this time will be different... i wouldn't mind wasting time with YOU. time is our prison, yet does it even exist, is it not just a social construct, a crutch for our simple brains to make sense of the world? this new tape is a loose musing on these interrelated topics and more using a pretty wide array of vinyl records hand-picked from my collecsch. if yr new to the _ronitapes aka _roni_radio, i usually crank out mixed genre cassettes weeklyish in the skitzomix vein - many styles, no overlying concept just dope tracks i want to spread, typically a documentation of what albums i've been spinning that week. i do enjoy making more focused, conceptual type mixes occasionally; they take a lot more effort, and i like to keep the process fun & enjoyable so instead of intensively focusing on these type of mixes, i let them percolate in my subconscious slowly over time. i have a running notepad of mixtape ideas and when i come across tracks that fit one right, i'll list them and once there's enough choices down and i'm in the right mood i'll bang out the mix relatively quickly. i thrive in the abstract, have no desire to make a definitive statement about anything ever, but rather present some ideas that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, which i try to embody with these type of mixes. i never plan out the order of the track list, just feel the energy as i go choosing from the list spontaneously not knowing how it will turn out.

side A: anatomy of a _ronitape

above are all of the records used in Side A only. as always mixed many styles, and included different takes on time; past, present, future; songs about nostalgia, songs stressing the time we waste and the finite limits it imposes on our lives; the time-machine concept, whether desiring to travel back to fix one's mistakes or shoot into the future to see if things get any better. lamentations, meditations, explorations. the lines from my rambling subtitles of the mix come from this side - Flavia Ciampi sings "time is my funeral" with the most delightfully dark melancholy on the Angels Dust track 'Funeral' and one of my favorite wits in hip hop, billy woods' line from 'Borrowed Time', "and that one time at that one place that was also great" is such a great droll swipe at memberberries aka romanticizing nostalgia, and/or fake small talk conversations with people you lost touch with for a reason. [sidenote, woods just dropped a classic new album so i'll be posting on his catalog here soon, & Angels Dust have a new EP out in August so we'll get to them then!] of course i had to include the brief but classic Minutemen track 'The Politics of Time', with its iconic title that partially inspired the mix, as did the weirdo underground hip hop banger 'Fool Time' by Tes [who was the first cat to drop on Lex Records, current home of M.F. DOOM; largely unknown but his album x2 was too fresh. haha he also used to date one of my friends and ended up at my house once - i was like duuude i love yr record lol].

side b - anatomy of a _ronitape

above are all the records used in Side B. while most tracks take on the time topic in a more head-on way, i also wanted to play around with the concept, like with Dr. Octagon traveling to the year '3000' or the B-52's going back to 'Mesopotamia' [been on a big, early B-52s kick for a bit now, that EP is great, all produced by David Byrne - they were making a full album together, but via creative differences killed the project, only the 6 songs on that EP came from it] or with Q-Unique rapping in the styles of 3 decades of hip hop on the Arsonists track "Rhyme Time Machine". while much of the lyrics throughout the mix are lamentations on the finite restraints of time, i ended it on a more positive/ hopeful note with that soulful Wale Oyejide meditation 'Wasting Time'... "you and i could be together... wasting time. i don't mind wasting... wasting time with you. i don't mind spending... a lifetime with you." Oyejide is not to be confused with the corny mainstream rapper with the same first name, peep out his classic 2004 2LP One Day...Everything Changed on Shaman Work (the former label of the homie John Robinson aka Lil Sci of Scienz Of Life, who happens to set off the same side with the Sol Power track) which featured both J Dilla & M.F. DOOM, no easy feat! 

so why a mixtape about time? it's clearly something on all human beings minds every day of our lives, and especially pertinent to me right now as i figure out the progression of my life. i spent the last 11 years working a full time job, which payed the bills and still allotted me enough time to make my art and have some semblance of a social life, but never enough to go the extra mile to promote it properly and get my own name out there. i always lamented the lack of time for that, and all the things i would do if i had some extra... yet once the job folded and i had the more time, i can't say i've done all that i wanted with it. it can be so easy to fall into holes of wasted time. there are a million things i want to do but it all takes so much time, i've been trying to evaluate everything on what is the most valuable use of those precious hours and attempt to proceed pragmatically. but sometimes the stress of time's constraints will send me into a blank hole of indecision and mania and i get nothing done. balancing one's time right is such tricky territory... i spend so much of it on my art side, which i love, but suddenly i realize how long its been since i was in a real relationship... 'what am i doing with my life???' suddenly i'm in my mid thirties still trying to figure everything out like how did i get here? all i know is any elder you talk to in the twilight of their life will tell you their main regrets in life were not spending enough time on what and who really mattered to them... i don't wanna go out like that, i'm trying to make it count before time-a-run-out...

i love you so much for any of yr precious time you spend on my mixes, art or ramblings, i deeply appreciate it! if yr into these concept-type mixes, i'm pretty close to being ready for the next 'Originals vs Covers' tape, and will revisit time again later... but if you have any other kewl concepts you want me to take a stab at, i would be super interested to hear 'em!

PS - the art used for the image of the mixtape cover is Salvador Dali's 'Macrophotographic Self-Portrait With Gala Appearing as a Spanish Nun' (1962). i always use my own art if there's any used in those cover images, but felt right to use Dali's work for this one... i was going to go melting clocks but this one worked way better!