Shelby Head: Beyond Indifference solo exhibition

if you're in the Connecticut area, check out this incredible show at the Fernando Luiz Alvarez Gallery in Stamford until June 20th!

Shelby Head is a gifted artist focusing in sculpture who's inspired me for my entire life! she's been best friends with my mom since long before my birth and has been there ever since - my aunt minus the blood relation. while much of the posts on this blog will be about people i'm fans of and will never meet or know, its definitely just as if not more important to take note of those actually in one's life who have enriched the journey with their presence & energy. Shelby's art has always been around me, both consciously and subconsciously influencing my life's path into the visual arts. i've witnessed her work explore a wide range of concepts and aesthetics; she's never been one to stay in the same lane, though all of her work feels undeniably Her. Shelby currently has a solo exhibition on display at the Fernando Luiz Alvarez Gallery in Stamford, CT called Beyond Indifference, a powerful, thought provoking and uniquely visually stimulating collection centering on ideas of gender, identity, power and the politicization of the body. i was psyched to be able to make it down from Boston for the opening recently, but the show is up until June 20 if you're in the area and can check it out, you very much should do so! regardless, i got pictures of the opening including most of the art & her statement on the show, check it out in the slideshow below:

the exhibition's tone or raison d'être is set by the piece 'Power Figure' which is the only work in the show not coming off of a wall; pictured multiple times, its the almost mummified female figure lain out on an ironing board and bound by the iron's cord, burned and with knitting needles protruding from the chest. other pieces bear titles like 'Gender Bias' and 'Gender Neutral' and use domestic objects to explore the gender ideas associated with them and how that is a microcosm of how feminine identity has been defined and politicized. i was especially struck by the shadows of the wall pieces, and how that worked metaphorically with the undertones of the show - all the more reason to observe it in person if you can, pictures can only do so much justice to any art!  you can see more on Shelby Head here and the Fernando Luiz Alvarez Gallery here - Beyond Indifference is up until June 20, check it out for yrself!

new _ronitape mix & musings on process, intentionality

new 90-minute _ronitape mixtape cassette, 'boi gurl grrrl bwoy' is now up on my Soundcloud page for streaming or download! as always its an all-vinyl extravaganza, made from my personal collecsch this past week & then digitized & uploaded to the interwebz for yr listening pleasure. here it is:

i have 2 basic methods for making these _ronitape mixes; most commonly, i just have a blank tape in my deck and after a front-to-back listen of most records, i end up recording a track that i'm buggin' on or fits the mix right. as with most everything i do, for better & for worse, i don't plan it out at all, though conscious thought is obviously used in the selection process. there is little if any predetermined intentionality however. as technology & delivery systems have changed over the years, it has effected how most people listen to music - many only listen to the hot tracks, streaming-channels or youtube videos of the artists they like for instance. though i don't live in the past musically, i've always preferred to stay current while also looking back, i am old-school with my listening habits. i almost only listen to whole albums - LP records or cassettes from end-to-end, so i try to only buy ones dope enough to rock that way! the other style more rarely used is more of a spontaneous continuous DJ mix style, where i'm just quickly picking out tracks from records, finishing the mix in 1 focused session. more on that later, this mix is the former though you'll notice a running theme - boi gurl grrl bwoy...


so with this mix, i started off as usual, just throwing on tracks i was feeling, but 4 or 5 in i noticed i'd been alternating between male & female vocalist for each song, so i kept that pattern rolling for the duration of the mix. i dig using a really light guiding concept like that, but i avoid more specific or definitive ones because it'll involve more planning out & conscious intention - which is completely great, but just not how i vibe in most things. i always try to keep a balance & diversity of styles & artists on these without doing so in a contrived way, an organic flow is a must... the freewheeling 'skitzomix' nature of these mixes is why they're fun for me & thus crank so many out. i'm always down to challenge myself & shift in different directions, so one day i'm sure i'll make for instance a plotted-out tape that makes a clearly crafted statement on gender, but with this i actively avoided interplay between the tracks that might usually be there; since this had that loose theme already i tried to not make any obvious statements with the selections, instead seeing what it may say on its own, organically... i like letting things take on their own life through certain parameters which i might guide.

i'm most attracted to & enamored with art, music & culture that that doesn't tell you exactly how to feel. i have much respect for representational art, but personally have little interest in exploring it myself, i much prefer more abstract realms that are suggestive & evocative yet mysterious enough to draw the viewer back in but never know definitively what it 'means'. its always so rewarding & inspiring when someone sees something in my visual art that i never observed myself - i want to create something enduring that engages imagination, emotion & intellect that can be perceived in a multitude of ways. anyway, just some random musings on themes that bounce about my head as i slowly attempt to get back into my writing groove... to be revisited later i'm sure!