welcome to the new hub of all things a_ronious

Ever since I lost my job
I started a blog
It's been going so great
It's about the ins and outs of the perfect date

- Serengeti, "California"

oh hey there! i am a_ronious and this is my blog. i've been meaning to do this for a while and currently have some free time as i'm in between jobs at the moment after an 11 year stint working for UndergroundHipHop.com. i'd dabled in painting a bunch prior, but during my time at UGHH i got a lot more serious about creating art after falling in love with inks & paints made for graffiti, which work perfect for my style.


in the past 5 years or so i've gotten way more serious about my art and it consumes much of my time and most of the space in my currently super small apartment! so one of the main aims of this site is to showcase that & what this first blog post ever of mine is all about. however the site will also be largely about the music which inspires my art, and any other culture that fits that mold too. while i've been focusing my creative efforts all on visual art for most of my post-college life, i've been a writer since i was young and went to school for that, so want to use this as a place to start flexing those muscles again.

so with that in mind, here's my most recent Artist Statement i used for the two shows i displayed my work in last year, Raw Artists presents Trend in May and Art100Boston at the Piano Craft Gallery in December 2016. i'm not in love with it but like this site it's a work in progress so here it is:

an a_ronious artist statement…

In today’s world, everyday existence can feel fraught with domineering structures weighing down on the psyche, but I have always found the transcendent power of art can restore balance and harmony to the soul. Singing along to a favorite song, becoming lost in a world created by someone’s words on paper, splattering paint on a canvas to make something out of nothing—these acts are not just enjoyable, but vital; a spiritual oasis in a society rife with anxiety, artificiality and alienation.
I remember a fateful day in third grade English class when the teacher told us we would have to convert our ‘sloppy copy’ or ‘rough draft’ of short stories we wrote into a final, edited and polished copy. My young self was aghast, arguing that my story was perfect or at least exactly as I intended it. In my eyes, it needed no work. While the story was no masterpiece and surely needed editing, and I needed to learn those skills, in a strange way that conflict over creativity stayed with me.
I went to college for writing and will always love the craft, but became turned off by all the rules and conventions I had been taught. As a result, writing ceased to inspire my imagination; it became a skill but not an art.
I began painting recreationally around that time, just for fun, and quickly art became the haven I had sought unknowingly as a kid. Without proper training or learning the rules of how to do it, I was free to do whatever I wanted. The sloppy copy never had to be made clean if it looked right to me. While over many years I’ve built and developed my own style, experimenting and learning through doing, refining and improving it, it always embodies that core principle of pure, unfiltered creative freedom.
I never set out to make something specific – I just start painting and go with it, avoiding intentionality at first, with chance and accident frequently contributing to the aesthetic that I eventually shape and refine as the painting unfolds.
A life-long reader of science fiction and conspiracy theories, I subconsciously explore out-there ideas from these texts through my work. A passionate music fan, a diverse spectrum of records spin as I paint and are integral to my creative process, imprinted in the aura of the piece.
I love creating abstract galaxies and psychedelic realms that the viewer can get lost in and come back to, interpreting in an infinity of ways, observing things I may never have seen or intended – tell me what you see!
observations of the mindfuck, from various vantage points (2013)

anyway, there you have a brief introduction to the a_ronious arts. i look forward to sharing lots of that with you along with a ton of music related stuff and beyond, stay tuned!