at the drive in & le butcherettes live in Boston

was beyond psyched to catch At The Drive In & Le Butcherettes this past Saturday night in Boston! this show was a make-up for their past reunion tour which had the last spots including here cancelled after Cedric lost his voice, making it all the more epic. i always dug ATDI back in the day but honestly got way more into them in the past five years during which i got my hands on all their vinyl eventually and fully submerged myself in it. and then what do you know, they get back together for real, touring & recording a new album which drops in April! below is a post from my instagram with five, 1-minute videos from throughout their spirited performance. the musical partnership of Cedric Bixler-Zavala & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is one of the greatest in contemporary rock in my opinion, and Cedric is one of my all time favorite vocalists. while he was singing more in his The Mars Volta timbre, it sounded awesome and i wasn't expecting him to scream his face off with the angst only a far younger man can channel as he did back in the day. check it out below - there are six mini-videos on the linked instagram post (i'm not able to post the video directly on the page yet, will get there, i'm new to this blog ish!)


the concert was double-slammin' however due to the fact that Le Butcherettes were the opening act! i only got into this group in the last year or so, they're incredible; the vehicle insanely-badass frontwoman Teri Gender Bender, with albums produced by and/or with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez playing on them. they were also in the side project Bosnian Rainbows together, which was hella tight. Teri's voice is commanding & powerful, and while she performs like a madwoman giving it her all, her vocals still sound somehow pitch-perfect, identical to the album without any trace of sterility. she bounced back from organ to guitar with a killer drum/bass duo holding her down. peep below for a few video glimpses off of my Instagram:

feeding frenzy. was contagious