Filthy Friends (Corin Tucker & Peter Buck) at The Sinclair

this section has been quiet the past couple years now - I haven’t been hitting as many shows as I used to, and I kinda hate being ‘that guy’ with the iPhone out filming the concert all night rather than enjoying the show and being present. if you follow me on instagram you’ll see glimpses of a show on my story, but thats about all I film of concerts these days. however always down to make an exception; recently caught Filthy Friends aka the side project of Corin Tucker, one of my favorite voices in music (vocalist and guitarist in Sleater-Kinney, Heavens To Betsy, Cadallaca, Corin Tucker Band) and Peter Buck (guitarist of R.E.M.) at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA and was positioned in a great spot to capture this video of my favorite track off of their sophomore album, Emerald City . The entire band (also comprised of Kurt Bloch, Linda Pitmon and Scott McCaughey) killed it and seemed to genuinely enjoy playing together, it was an excellent show so catch them if you can!

Ceschi at the Middle East Upstairs

earlier this month Ceschi, Zeroh & Busdriver crushed it at the Middle East Upstairs. i have video of all three i was getting around to posting soon, but just saw on IG that its Ceschi's birthday so had to post his video up rn! i'll update this post asap with the other videos. happy born day Ceschi! here's him debuting a new song on 7.2.17 - edit - the other videos didn’t come out good so this is all!

happy bday Ceschi!

ho99o9 thrashing it out at Sonia

ho99o9 (horror) are absolutely crushing it right now with their unique fusion of punk/ thrash/ hip hop and much more into an extremely fucking exciting wave of brutally exhilarating energy and sound. i did a bit of a write up on their official debut 2LP, United States of Horror that you can see here. these videos were filmed at an all-ages show at Sonia Middle East in Cambridge, MA on 6.3.17, the kehds were wylin' in the pit so best believe the footage is hella shaky, deal widdit punx! haha. this was one of the best shows i've caught all year; for the encore they covered 'Attitude' by Bad Brains and even though that song super short, the raw energy in the pit was so intense i thought i was gonna die halfway in... basically, it was incredibly awesome. and i lived to post it

above is STREET POWER off of HO99O9's debut album United States of Horror. i don't know the track name for the other video below, let me know in the comments if you do and i'll update it!

support ho99o9 here and seriously don't sleep on their live show if this is yr flava!

BOSS HOG: Brood X live at The Sinclair

these 2 exclusive videos i filmed at The Sinclair are part of a larger post in the blog of this site, check it out! however wanted them in this section as well, 2 bangers off of one of the years best albums, Brood X by Boss Hog (Cristina Martinez, Jon Spencer, Hollis Queens, Jens Jurgensen & Mickey Finn). peep the blog post and if you digg it, plz share with yr friends!


Ian F. Svenonius as ESCAPE-ISM live at The Sinclair

while i attended the book signing for his vital collection of essays, Censorship Now!, last year i had never seen one of my favorite vocalists & creative forces perform live until this weekend... IAN SVENONIUS! if yr not hip to tha gawd, that's fine, i discovered him late as well but if you mess with punk/ post punk, rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues drenched in soul, swag & style with clever satiric & sarcastic lyricism and a politically leftist/anarchistic spirit with screams like a holy ghost explosion, you need him in your life. all of his groups are fire, The Make Up being the dopest and most notable with the most material, but his current group Chain and the Gang are off the chain (sorry) plus don't forget his Dischord roots with The Nation of Ulysses or Make Up off-shoots Weird War & Scene Creamers and a few other side projects. i'll do an official post on my main blog on Svenonius asap with the pile of his records i have amassed over the years, but enjoy these videos i captured here until then! this is Ian performing one man band style as ESCAPE-ISM at The Sinclair opening for Boss Hog on the Brood X tour.

STL GLD burn it down Wild Style

STL GLD is a group you're going to see plenty of here on some of the best music in Boston, perhaps the dopest hip hop this city has ever seen... and they also happen to be my fam so i get plenty footage of their spirited performances! biggups Moe Pope, The Arcitype, Christopher Talken & Ga_Jah who you see here burning it down in a musty musky Jamaica Plain basement known as the White Haus last night. i'm waiting to do a proper post on their masterwork TORCH SONG which is already out digitally & on CD, because the vinyl is in the works and you know i rep the records, so that'll come ASAP!

support STL GLD here:


Why? performing "Good Friday" on Good Friday

one of my favorite groups, Why? performing a classic track from their arguably greatest album, Alopecia - "Good Friday" just recently on Good Friday at a sold-out show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. they hadn't performed the song in 4 years, but whipped up a special arrangement of exclusively for this one concert. luckily for you, i filmed the whole thing which inspired me to start up a concert video blog section of this site. i'm aware this is filmed in the wrong dimensions, i'm used to filming short videos solely for my instagram, next time i'll get them in widescreen! i have a handful of dope vids i'll be adding soon that were previously filmed vertically like this though... regardless, more heat coming soon!