Ian F. Svenonius as ESCAPE-ISM live at The Sinclair

while i attended the book signing for his vital collection of essays, Censorship Now!, last year i had never seen one of my favorite vocalists & creative forces perform live until this weekend... IAN SVENONIUS! if yr not hip to tha gawd, that's fine, i discovered him late as well but if you mess with punk/ post punk, rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues drenched in soul, swag & style with clever satiric & sarcastic lyricism and a politically leftist/anarchistic spirit with screams like a holy ghost explosion, you need him in your life. all of his groups are fire, The Make Up being the dopest and most notable with the most material, but his current group Chain and the Gang are off the chain (sorry) plus don't forget his Dischord roots with The Nation of Ulysses or Make Up off-shoots Weird War & Scene Creamers and a few other side projects. i'll do an official post on my main blog on Svenonius asap with the pile of his records i have amassed over the years, but enjoy these videos i captured here until then! this is Ian performing one man band style as ESCAPE-ISM at The Sinclair opening for Boss Hog on the Brood X tour.