ho99o9 thrashing it out at Sonia

ho99o9 (horror) are absolutely crushing it right now with their unique fusion of punk/ thrash/ hip hop and much more into an extremely fucking exciting wave of brutally exhilarating energy and sound. i did a bit of a write up on their official debut 2LP, United States of Horror that you can see here. these videos were filmed at an all-ages show at Sonia Middle East in Cambridge, MA on 6.3.17, the kehds were wylin' in the pit so best believe the footage is hella shaky, deal widdit punx! haha. this was one of the best shows i've caught all year; for the encore they covered 'Attitude' by Bad Brains and even though that song super short, the raw energy in the pit was so intense i thought i was gonna die halfway in... basically, it was incredibly awesome. and i lived to post it

above is STREET POWER off of HO99O9's debut album United States of Horror. i don't know the track name for the other video below, let me know in the comments if you do and i'll update it!

support ho99o9 here and seriously don't sleep on their live show if this is yr flava!